How To Change a Customizing SAP Table to an Application Table

In same cases, you may want to change an SAP table from a customizing SAP table to an application table. The difference between these two is that a customizing table typically prompts you to create a transport upon any changes saved on the table. In an application table, as data is saved in the table via SM30 or through a table maintenance transaction, a transport would not be required.

Sometimes, an IT or business user would attempt to directly modify tables values via a standard SAP transaction, SM30, or a custom SAP transaction. If the table is setup as a customizing table, they may receive a message like below:

Client Status Not Modifiable
Client Status Not Modifiable

When we see the message client “has status not modifiable” in production, it means that the client is currently locked down for customizing changes. Some users may confuse this message as a security error when it is not.


In production, in transaction SCC4, the settings would typically look like something below where no customizing changes are allowed.

SCC4 Production Settings
SCC4 Production Settings

Because no changes are allowed in production, when the user attempts to modify a customizing table, they receive the error “client.. has status ‘not modifiable.”

Now in some cases, you may really have to modify the table contents directly in production. As the data in the table constantly need to be updated, you may want to setup the table as an application table. By changing the table to an application table, it would no longer prompt to for a transport and will no longer give you the “not modifiable” message in production.

To change a customizing table to allow data entries in production without getting this error message, you can follow these steps:

1. Go to transaction SOBJ

2. Click “Display”

SOBJ Screen
SOBJ Screen

3. Navigate to the table you are looking to modify. Double-click it

SOBJ - V_T5C11
SOBJ – V_T5C11

4. Once you are in the screen, click the change button up on the top left.

5. Under the “Transport” field, change it to “No Transport” and make sure the “Current Settings” checkbox is checked.


SOBJ - Automatic Transport and Current Setting
SOBJ – Automatic Transport and Current Setting


6. Click save. After this, it will prompt you for a transport.

7. When your transport moves to the test environment to test, you may still receive the error message “client not modifiable.” This is caused by the client not being set as a “Production” client in SCC4 and the “Current Settings” indicator. You can test this by having basis temporarily setting the client to “Production” or not. In production, it will not prompt for a transport.

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